Google Express has finally made it to the Twin Cities.

The two-day delivery service from the California-based company debuted about three years ago and partners with retailers such as Whole Foods, Costco and Walgreens. It has been operating in Rochester, Minn., since last fall.

It has been making a bigger push into the Midwest in the last year or so and went live in Minneapolis on Tuesday. The most recent expansion also includes regions of North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan, Missouri and Ohio.

The delivery service is yet another option for time-strapped customers who prefer the convenience of having items delivered to their door after shopping on a laptop or smartphone.

In the last year or so, the Twin Cities has been bombarded with new delivery options. Amazon rolled out its Prime Now same-day delivery service in the Twin Cities last year and recently expanded it to include restaurant and liquor delivery. Instacart delivers groceries from Cub Foods, Target, Whole Foods and Costco. DoorDash and Bite Squad deliver from restaurants, and Postmates delivers food and other goods. There are also a number of alcohol delivery services around town.

“Our goal with Google Express is to offer a great shopping experience and connect people with their favorite stores,” Brian Elliott, general manager of Google Express, said in a statement. “Today, we’re very excited to be further expanding our efforts — making it easy for millions in Minneapolis and beyond to get things they need from stores they love — delivered fast.”

Google Express executives have said Rochester received the service before the Twin Cities because it was closer to the company’s Midwest hub of Chicago.

The service costs $4.99 per order. Or customers can sign up for Google Express’ $95-a-year membership. To persuade customers to give it a try, the company is offering a free six-month trial.