Q: I want a one-handle style faucet with pull spray. Can you bring me up to speed on new kitchen faucets?

A: A lot of modern upgrades and options are available for new kitchen faucets. There are three basic types of pull sprays:

1. Pull type: Pullout is nice for filling pots, while pull-down is great for washing the sink bowl.

2. Spray head: You can choose between multi-spray options or just a basic spray head.

3. Touchless: You can add electronic touchless technology to your one-handle faucet.

Five of my favorite new spray head options:

1. Spray boost: With the push of a button, give your spray head a controlled burst of extra water-spraying power.

2. Soft spray: Gently rinse delicate produce and fruits without bruising.

3. Sweep spray: Angled nozzles create a blade of water to sweep away stuck food.

4. Ring spray: Target your spray area with a narrow ring of water.

5. Pause feature: Lets you pause the water flow instantly.

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