Simgot EN700 Pro $145.99

Earbuds hard to beat for basic headphones

Like most in-ear monitors, the Simgot EN700 Pro uses an over-the-ear design in which the cable runs upward and around the back of each ear. Once you settle on the right tip, the cable design really keeps the earbuds in place.

In-ear monitors are designed purely for audio listening. These are not for making phone calls — there is no microphone. The EN700 Pro has a 10-millimeter driver in each earpiece with an N50 high magnetic composite moving-coil transducer with a polymer composite titanium-plated diaphragm. Frequency response is 15 hertz to 40 kilohertz, and sensitivity is greater than, or equal to, 101 decibels (at 1,000 hertz).

The in-ear monitor cables connect to the earpieces with a plug.

The EN700 Pro has a nice design. The earbuds are egg-shaped and come in a variety of colors. The in-ear monitors ship with two types of ear tips — one for powerful mid-high frequencies with clear sound and one for enhanced bass. There are small, medium and large tips for each type.

They have an all-metal housing with each earpiece carved from a single piece of aircraft aluminum. The outside of each earpiece is carved with a cool-looking horizontal grill design.

The EN700 Pros sound almost as good as a custom set and are half the price. The trade-off is worth it for the casual user who would never think about custom molds.

The Simgot earbuds do a good job sealing out ambient sounds, while the AirPods do not — they were never meant to.

For less than $150, these earbuds are hard to beat.

They have a clean sound and no distortion, a solid build, are comfortable and have a nice case.



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