Former Fox 9 meteorologist Mike Tsolinas was a weather talent ahead of the times.

Tsolinas died Monday after being taken off life support, reported Doug Elfman of the Las Vegas Review Journal. He cited a Facebook posting by Tsolinas' brother Christopher Tsolinas. Christopher said his brother experienced kidney failure and internal bleeding, following a short illness.

Memories of Tsolinas popped into my head while watching a recent clip of a TV person in another market walking through a meteorologist's live shot because she was distracted by Pokémon Go.

That is something Tsolinas would have done when he was on "Good Day Minnesota," the previous incarnation of "Fox 9 Morning News."

His contract was not renewed in 2004, in part, I believe, because of Tsolinas' proclivity for on-air antics, which included walking into shots he wasn't part of, rabbit-earring news anchors. That was back when morning news shows were generally more serious and Fox 9 was looking for the respectability in this market it now easily commands. So the on-air talent was expected to be a lot stiffer.

During commercial breaks, then as now, a lot of funny stuff takes place.

Now I'm going to tell the full story about why I ran my fingers through Tsolinas' hair in 2002.

I was prodded into doing that by colleagues of his, but to be honest, I started it. Across the room from the weather set, I was thinking out loud to a couple of male colleagues: I wonder what is going on with Tsolinas' hair? Readers and viewers are always asking me that.

One of my Fox 9 instigators said: You should ask him. Under his breath, the other one said: Doooooooooo it! Doooooo it! We all want to know.

So I started calling out, "So-llleeaaan-as." When Tsolinas finally heard me he snapped: "Who's calling my name?" Identifying myself, I ran across the studio and asked permission to play in his hair. Truth is his hair looked great. Problem is it never changed or seemed to grow longer on top.

Perturbed, Tsolinas said he wanted to play in MY hair. So I let him, and then he stood still while I examined his roots with a fingertips massaging motion. I think he was counting on me not locating what I found. Oh yeah, he had a little hair system thing going on there. It's probably like meteorologist Keith Marler's, which is no secret.

My relationship with Tsolinas was not altered by my devilish inspection of his hair.

When I say that some men don't need hair, that really applied to Tsolinas, who was a very handsome, funny dude and a great dresser.

Rest well, Mike.

No Tina with Trump photos

Donald Trump probably didn't have as much fun at the RNC gathering as Minnesota character Tina O did.

I have seen the photos posted on Twitter by the home decorator (among other business and charitable pursuits), who now lives in California with her husband.

She was a delegate, or alternate, at the RNC's Cleveland meeting.

Twitter's @TINAHILLSTROM1 always connects with rich, powerful men, as proven by her bringing Mel Gibson to the Twin Cities for an extended vacation in 2012.

In Cleveland, finding power brokers was like shooting fish in a Lake Minnetonka barrel for Tina O.

"That's me & Me with @PaulManafort & in Vogue & La Times & more …" Tina tweeted me. She was wearing a beautiful dress. "My husband [bought it in] Italy last year for my Birthday. Dolce Gabbana 2015. 2nd 3rd photo is Pucci Dress & Jacket," is the explanation I got from Tina on Twitter. That was attached to a photo she took with Speaker Paul Ryan.

"Hanging with all the boys," wrote Tina in another tweet to me that included a photo collage. In one she's with Newt Gingrich — who was no doubt attracted to the color of Tina's hair — and in others with her husband, Brad Hillstrom.

She has an eye for eye-catching fashion.

That is probably why she was seen on TV. I was sewing and listening to Trump's acceptance speech when a friend called to ask if I had seen Tina on national TV. A frame grab from the FOX Business Channel allowed me to confirm it with Tina.

I am disappointed and shocked, but probably not as much as Tina, that she didn't bag a photo with Trump.

"I saw Donald with Paul and Gingrich at the after party at Westin Hotel. I did not take photos w/Trump," she said.

She must not have wanted to cross the Secret Service.

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