Heavy rain brought flooding to parts of Australia over the holiday weekend. As much as 18 inches of rain fell in New South Wales.

A combination of a stalled front and moisture from a Category 5 cyclone, Laurence, has spawned the heavy rainfall. Cyclone Laurence made landfall in northwestern Australia but tracked right across the Outback and is now in New South Wales. Laurence dropped heavy rain along its entire trek across the country.

The report of 18 inches came from Brewarrina, New South Wales. This is equivalent to what normal falls during the entire year on the farming community.

Residents outside of Sydney are watching rivers rise. Numerous flood warnings have been issued by the Australia Bureau of Meteorology. Rain will persist across the areas that have been soaked recently. The flooding situation will only get worse as the week progresses. Drier weather may not move into New South Wales until next weekend.

Story by Accuweather.com Senior Meteorologist Dave Samuhel.