Meteorological spring begins Friday, after a winter that ended as just about normal in the Twin Cities.

The average temperature was 0.7 degrees above normal. The warm December was countered by a February that was 2 degrees below normal, the second below-normal month in the past five after a stretch of 16 consecutive months above normal.

Precipitation was 37 percent above normal, but because much of that fell as rain during the early warm weeks, snowfall this season is still below normal. Including November, snowfall is 35.5 inches, about 13 percent below normal.

The National Climate Prediction Center is indicating middling chances for a cooler than normal March, but a warmer- and wetter-than-normal March through May, particularly in the state’s eastern half.

“Meteorological” seasons generally have more consistent conditions than astronomical seasons. Astronomical spring is March 20 through June 20.