Bryan Reynolds is a diehard hockey fan. He's a passionate contributor to SB Nation's Hockey Wilderness, a popular Wild blog. He does public relations for the hockey charity Defending the Blue Line.

The lockout has him disgusted.

"My whole life I grew up playing hockey, watching hockey, living hockey, breathing hockey," the 33-year-old Blaine native said. "I always prided myself on the fact I was a hockey fan, not [just] an NHL fan, but with this, it sucked the will to watch any hockey. I didn't watch the Aeros' game [Nov. 18 in St. Paul]. I didn't go to it, I didn't want any part of it. I can't watch the Gophers."

Reynolds, credentialed by the Wild, has seen his blog go from more than 150,000 page views a month to 50,000. His writing has suffered: "I've found myself trying to force things. You get halfway through it, and you delete the whole thing."

Money has dried up for Defending the Blue Line, which provides equipment for military kids: "We have more gear than we'd ever know what to do with, and we don't have money to ship it."

Reynolds is largely turned off by the rhetoric from NHL and NHLPA leadership.

"It's useless. Fans aren't buying it," he said. "I don't know who they're trying to convince. Even if you could convince the fans, what's the point? You haven't convinced the other side. I mean, even if you convince me you're right, what am I going to do?

"Who cares? Shut your mouth, get it done."

The lockout hasn't been all bad. Reynolds is spending more time with his wife, Bridget, and two daughters.

"You start to realize there are other things in life than hockey," Reynolds said.