If you're going to fill up your gas tank, Tuesdays are the day if you've got gasoline coupons. It doesn't matter where the coupons are from, as long as they're local. All competitors' coupons are accepted at SA and Holiday. Even better, both will double current gas coupons on Tuesdays. (Thanks again, dealspotter Sue Brabeck of Woodbury, for pointing out that Holiday stations also double on Tuesdays.)


Holiday, which has a coupon promo with Cub Foods, will only double one coupon, even though customers can bring in up to three Cub coupons. 

Bottom line: Collect all gas coupons and use them any day at Super America or Holiday, but you'll get the biggest bang on Tuesdays, when they're doubled.


According to Twin Cities Gas Prices, the lowest prices this morning are $3.22 per gallon at many stations in Burnsville, including SA, BP, Sam's Club. Costco and Mobil.

I'm not suggesting that an east side metro person drive to Burnsville, but check the site for the cheapest gas in your area.

Here's another way to save:

If you're a a Costco member and you use your American Express card to pay for gas at a Costco station, you're probably getting an additional 3 percent discount in the form of a rebate check for gas, restaurants, travel etc. I believe the rebate check shows up in your American Express bill in February.


Got a gas saving tip of your own? Share away.