An Inver Grove Heights dog survived six months alone in the wilderness of Eagan before an animal control officer found her and captured her and got her home.

Terra June, a Keeshond, was reported missing by her owner, whose name was not released, six months ago. Eagan animal control officer Bob Kent ensnared her on Monday.

For months, Kent periodically heard from homeowners in Eagan about a loose dog. Some homeowners thought the animal was a coyote or a raccoon. The dog stayed in a specific part of the city, which turned out to be about 3 miles from its home. But the reports of sightings stopped.

“I assumed it was a coyote that caught up with its pack or a dog that was killed,” Kent said, adding that given the explosion in the coyote population, he was surprised the dog had survived alone.

Turns out construction workers in a new Eagan development were familiar with the dog and had been feeding her for a few weeks.

Kent set out a live trap with food for the dog in the backyard of a home in the new cul-de-sac. Three hours later, he said the dog walked right into the trap. Within minutes, Terra June was gently nibbling food from his hand.

The officer immediately scanned the dog for a microchip then emailed and called the owner before driving to her house and leaving a note on the door. He left work at 4 p.m. Monday. By 5 p.m. the owner had picked up the dog.

On Tuesday, Kent spoke with the grateful owner who said Terra June was at the veterinarian’s office getting dozens of ticks and burrs removed from her matted fur.

“I’m glad it was a happy ending,” Kent said.

Keeshonds have a thick double coat, fluffy black, gray and white fur and a ruff like a lion. They tend to be bright and hard-working.

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