There will be no Super Bowl XLVIII trip for Gov. Mark Dayton after all.

Dayton, a DFLer, had planned to fly to the New York area this weekend to pitch Minnesota's bid to win the 2018 Super Bowl but on Wednesday his office said he canceled the plans.

"Given the emergency situation presented by a shortage of propane and heating fuel across the state, Governor Dayton will remain in Minnesota for an emergency meeting of the state’s Executive Council on Friday afternoon," Dayton's office said. "The Governor will also speak at the funeral of civil rights leader Matthew Little on Saturday in Minneapolis."

The state was to pay for Dayton's airfare and lodging for the New York trip.

On Friday, Minnesota's executive council will meet at 3:00 p.m.. to consider extending the governor's executive order designed to marshal state resources to help those suffering under a propane shortage.