[Note: I interviewed Governor Mark Dayton late yesterday afternoon at the Governor's Residence in St. Paul. I will be publishing a series of posts today about my interview with Governor Dayton.]

In an interview yesterday, Governor Mark Dayton responded to a question about the tone and civility in the presidential race by saying Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president is "succeeding in part because he is saying what some people believe."

Dayton said Trump's comments may be considered "politically incorrect," adding, "who would have thought you could insult the Pope and be a viable political candidate."

Dayton complimented the simplicity of Trump's campaign theme of "Make America Great Again" which he called "a brilliant slogan." Dayton added, "that's what people want and keeping it at that level of communication, everyone can relate."

Regarding his role in the presidential race, Dayton said will be helpful to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and will cast a vote for Clinton at the Democratic National Convention later this summer in Philadelphia. 

Dayton said he no interest in serving in Clinton's administration's should she win election this November, and said the great thing about his current job is that he is "accountable to the people of Minnesota, but I am my own boss."

"I'll be a staunch supporter of President Clinton if she is elected," said Dayton, who committed to serving out the remainder of his four-year term as governor, adding "this is my finale."

Picture source: Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune