Julia Schrenkler is a hunter and angler and member of the R3 Council, a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources group working on ways to get — and keep — people participating in outdoors activities. She also is a senior digital producer at Minnesota Public Radio.


If only it were possible to read everything I want! At my work desk I have two types of reading: One, a list of recommended articles which I mark as “checked” or an arrow. If I skimmed it, I’ll mark it with a check and move on. If I gave it a good read and I’m still thinking about it I add an arrow. “Women of Color Get Less Support at Work. Here’s How Managers Can Change That” by Zuhairah Washington and Laura Morgan Roberts is definitely an arrow read, and I hope to carry some of this clear advice forward. The other desk read is “The Death and Life of the Great Lakes” by Dan Egan. There are some motivating points about getting beyond studying and studying something, and instead turning to action. On the nightstand: a just-for-fun read, “Good Omens” by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. It’s an expertly constructed trip; so well-executed it serves as a fantastic example of a good, creative partnership.


For years, Pat and Ali of bumfuzzle.com. They are two Minnesotans who might be anywhere in the world right now, because they sail or drive or explore it all. This might reveal my fondness for Volkswagen campers, but start here for a great road trip story: bumfuzzle.com/september-2007

Also: Water, water, water. If it’s connected to water — fishing, pollution, mining, protection, flooding news — it needs to cross my desk. I can only imagine this is, must be, or should be true for all who love good natural habitat. As someone who didn’t really become a conservationist until I became a hunter, I feel it’s important to build a relationship with our environment to demonstrate care for it, which is just one reason I’m part of the Minnesota DNR’s R3 Council.


Beyond social media, I’m really grateful to outdoors video, which can make a difference by driving interest in the outdoors, to inspiring people to leap for their own adventures.

Watch “The Flush.” I appreciate that it brings those fall feelings to my heart, no matter the season. (theflush.tv/2018-episodes) I’m lucky enough to call Ashley Peters a friend and really love this short film on her fly fishing experiences. It’s beautiful, inspiring and very real. (vimeo.com/326430936)


My work means listening is business and pleasure both! My latest listening:

If for some reason I can’t pour a cup of coffee to catch Capt. Billy Hildebrand with Bob St. Pierre on KFAN, I nab the Fan Outdoors podcast. (bit.ly/kfanOW)


Summer isn’t just pre-fall, although there is plenty of planning for it. Right now road-tripping in the Westy campervan also means a little gravel-bound scouting for birds and likely spots.

Wren, my German shorthair pointer, and I are still dog training so that we’re dialed-in for ruffed grouse and pheasant seasons. I have plans to bring new hunters out afield and would like to show them how a team can work. I’m also learning — friends took me out this spring to fly-fish for the first time, and I need to get out on the water again.