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photo of author Lydia Millet

Lydia Millet celebrates family and our green world in 'We Loved It All'

NONFICTION: An acclaimed novelist shares scientific and personal concerns.
Vicki Sokolik

'If You See Them' shows what happens if you don't look away from unhoused youth

NONFICTION: A tireless advocate explains how she has made a difference.
Audur Ava Olafsdottir

Review: 'Animal Life,' by Audur Ava Ólafsdóttir, translated from the Icelandic by Brian FitzGibbon

FICTION: A thoughtful meditation on midwifery and the difficulty of living in the light, set in the darkness of the Icelandic winter.
Jonathan Escoffery

Review: 'If I Survive You,' by Jonathan Escoffery

FICTION: A remarkable debut collection of interconnected stories centered on a family of Jamaican immigrants, whose American-born son struggles to establish his place and his identity.
Anthony Marra photo credit to Paul Duda

Review: 'Mercury Pictures Presents,' by Anthony Marra

FICTION: An entertaining and occasionally edifying look at European immigrants making movies in Hollywood during World War II.
Mohsin Hamid (c) Jillian Edelstein

Review: 'The Last White Man,' by Mohsin Hamid

FICTION: A thoughtful look at the evolution of racism in the United States as white people begin to lose their whiteness.
Jess Walte photo by Rajah Bose

Review: 'The Angel of Rome,' by Jess Walter

FICTION: Jess Walter's new story collection features a return to Italy and a riotous take on climate change.
Toya Wolfe

Review: 'Last Summer on State Street,' by Toya Wolfe

FICTION: A poignant look at growing up in Chicago public housing by a debut novelist who lived in one of the city's most notorious developments.
Karen Jennings

Review: 'An Island,' by Karen Jennings

FICTION: A probing look at the roots of inhumanity and how the past can poison our compassion.
Jennifer Close_author photo_credit Michael Lionstar

Review: 'Marrying the Ketchups,' by Jennifer Close

FICTION: Wonderfully entertaining novel about lessons in life, love and business centered around one family's suburban Chicago restaurant.
Kristina Gorcheva-Newberry ' Ivan Morozov

Review: 'The Orchard,' by Kristina Gorcheva-Newberry

FICTION: An intensely evocative and ultimately shattering coming-of-age novel set in the waning years of the Soviet Union.
Powles, Nina Mingya (c) David Marshall

Review: 'Small Bodies of Water,' by Nina Mingya Powles

Nina Mingya Powles' poetic and personal essay collection explores her relationship with nature and our ever-changing world.
Gish Jen

Review: 'Thank You, Mr. Nixon,' by Gish Jen

Intricately enmeshed stories examine personal ties between families in China and the United States over the past 50 years.
Gunnhild Oyehaug (c) Helge Skodvin

Review: 'Present Tense Machine,' by Gunnhild Øyehaug, translated by Kari Dickson

A heartfelt tale about a mother and daughter separated in parallel universes brought about by the power of language.
Aysegul Savas

Review: 'White on White,' by Aysegul Savas

A lyrically spare, thematically lush look at how we tell each other's stories.
Edward Dolnick photo by Lynn Golden

Review: 'The Writing of the Gods,' by Edward Dolnick

A wide-ranging look at the discovery and decoding of the Rosetta Stone, which catalyzed our understanding of hieroglyphs and ancient Egypt.

Review: 'Lean Fall Stand,' by Jon McGregor

FICTION: A profoundly affecting story of the lives upended when a man loses his ability to communicate clearly.

Review: 'Summer Light, and Then Comes the Night,' by Jón Kalman Stefánsson

FICTION: A wistful and whimsical novel looking at life in a tiny Icelandic village.

Review: 'Tin Camp Road,' by Ellen Airgood

FICTION: A heartfelt story set in Michigan's Upper Peninsula about a single mom trying to provide for her gifted daughter.

Review: 'Below the Edge of Darkness,' by Edith Widder

NONFICTION: This enthralling memoir recounts the lifetime work of a marine biologist trying to see into the dark depths of the oceans.

Review: 'The Hero's Way,' by Tim Parks

NONFICTION: An engaging and informative trip through Italian history and the Italian countryside.

Review: 'Catch the Rabbit,' by Lana Bastašić

FICTION: A rich, rewarding debut novel of female friendship set against the backdrop of the Bosnian war and its aftermath.

Review: 'The Bookseller of Florence,' by Ross King

NONFICTION: Ross King's delightful, immersive history of books and bookselling in the heart of the Renaissance.

Review: 'First Light: Switching on Stars at the Dawn of Time,' by Emma Chapman

NONFICTION: An in-depth look at the ongoing search for the universe's first stars.

Review: 'A Crooked Tree,' by Una Mannion

Fiction: The author's 1980s-suburban setting is the perfect antidote to today's hyper-technical rat race.