Tracy Claeys in an interview with Outside the Lines Thursday questioned the fairness of Title IX-mandated investigations that universities use.

The ex-Gophers football coach was fired Tuesday in part because of a Title IX investigation of alleged sexual assault that led to the suspension of 10 football players.

Claeys said the Gophers football boycott was about standing up for fairness in the process. Claeys expressed Thursday a similar sentiment the players voiced by questioning why a university investigation would overrule the results of a police investigation.

"Any type of sexual assault or sexual misconduct is serious and needs to be looked at, and you have it looked at and investigated by law enforcement and people trained to investigate that, and they come back with one decision," he said. "And it comes back another way in a [Title IX] process that our kids didn't feel fair. I don't know how that trumps an all-out police investigation."