A couple of entrepreneurs want to open a little brew-pub in south Minneapolis's Standish neighborhood, and they're hoping for neighborhood buy-in - literally, columnist Jon Tevlin writes.

Another family mourns a teen slain on the streets of north Minneapolis. While community members and police plead for an end to juvenile violence, a 14-year-old tells a reporter that she would retaliate if someone shot her sister, Matt McKinney and Nicole Norfleet report.

In his Dateline column, Steve Brandt notes that the 35W bridge collapse memorial features plenty of pathos, but a distinct lack of facts about what happened on Aug. 1, 2007. While the cause of the collapse of the structurally deficient and fracture-critical bridge almost instantly became politicized, that still doesn't explain the absence of a simple explanation.

The famous 2,200-year-old Chinese terra cotta soldiers will march into the Minneapolis Institute of Arts as part of the museum's high-powered lineup of exhibitions over the next year. It's part of museum director Kaywin Feldman's drive to make the MIA a national player in the museum world, Mary Abbe writes.

Feisty, stubborn, confident: some of the words used to remember Maxine Nathanson, an educator and civil rights advocate who helped found Minneapolis Community and Technical College and attended school board meetings religiously, Jenna Ross reports. Nathanson died Sept. 11 at age 89.