The early 80s are back! Including soft ballads by guys who insist on singing outside their range:


The Oscar-winning singer-songwriter recalled a recent trip to the airport where an official took his passport and noticed his name. As she looked at the document, she said: "Christopher Cross. There was a singer named that. I really liked his music. He passed away a few years ago."

 Cross was so stunned, all he could say was, "Oh, really?"

 "I was afraid if I told her I was still alive, she'd have a heart attack or something," he added.

 Not only is Cross alive and well, he's also out with a new album this month.

He must have changed his name legally, then, because he was born Christopher Geppert. Perhaps a singer who was born Christopher Cross but changed his name to Geppert died a few years ago, and that’s who the secretary meant.

He’s probably still getting residuals for this, regarded by the music industry as the greatest song of 1979.


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