The fight over unionizing in-home child-care workers is returning to the State Capitol.

DFL state senators introduced a bill Monday that would allow certain child care workers to unionize and negotiate with the state.

The bill provides for a certification election by mail ballot among child care providers. AFSCME, the union of public employees, has organized a news conference Monday to promote the bill.

AFSCME and SEIU have both sought to unionize child-care workers for years. Last year, with the GOP in control of the Legislature, DFL Gov. Mark Dayton sought to give them that opportunity. He issued an executive order authorizing a union election among certain providers.

That order was shot down by a judge.

With DFL control of the Legislature this year, the idea is likely to receive a more sympathetic hearing. SEIU is supporting a separate effort to unionize certain in-home personal care workers.

Last year's child care effort was opposed by a group of family child care providers who argued that these are small, private businesses and that unionization doesn't make sense. Jennifer Parish, a leader of that group, issued a statement opposing the new unionization effort.



Senate Child Care Union Bill