There are certain places you never want to go to, like jail, rehab or New Jersey. Now you can add CheaterVille to that list.

CheaterVille ( is what happens when you create a social networking site purely out of spite. If you have a profile on CheaterVille, chances are you didn't create it. The odds are also pretty good that you did something to deserve it.

Say you just found out your significant other was cheating on you. Hopefully, your first course of action is to remove the scoundrel from your life. Then you can worry about making sure he or she never hurts anyone else by making him or her a CheaterVille profile.

These profiles are pretty comprehensive. You can post the cheater's name, age, sexual preference, location, profession, university, hair color, weight and even their Zodiac sign. Most importantly, you can write a short description about exactly what they did to you and will probably do again to someone else.

According to the "Cheater Roulette," which lets you find a profile at random, the site has had 919,178 posts and comments (as of June 4) submitted to it. This has created a community of cheating victims that can discuss their experiences and vote on whose story is more harrowing.

There's more to CheaterVille than the social networking element. The site provides articles containing relationship advice, signs of cheating and news about celebrity cheaters. In fact, they have an entire section devoted to celebrity cheaters (alleged or not) like Elliot Spitzer and Tiger Woods.

If you were wondering which states have the biggest cheater populations, CheaterVille answers that question with a map that highlights areas ripe with cheaters. Almost the entire state of California and most of the northeast is covered with cheater dots.

Oh wait: there's more. CheaterVille has its own spy shop that provides you with everything you need to catch cheating scum in the act. You can buy everything from an iPhone recovery stick (which retrieves deleted texts, call logs and more) to a dock spy camera (which can record motion-activated video in total darkness).

CheaterVille even has an amusing collection of Cheatertainment -- photos, videos and text conversations about, you guessed it, cheating. Coming soon to the site will be Cheaters Court (which is exactly what it sounds like) and CheaterU (specifically for college cheaters).

Don't think there is no room for redemption if you end up on CheaterVille. If you go to its sister site, Karmaville (, you can take Karma courses and, upon completion, your name will be removed from CheaterVille. At that point you'll also be free to access CupidVille (, a dating website affiliated with Cheaterville and Karmaville.

The moral of this story: Don't go to CheaterVille because you made someone angry enough to give you a scarlet C. Go there to learn if a crush has a history and, if they do, nip that relationship in the bud.