Dan Hanrahan

Regis Corp. president and CEO

Total compensation: $2,556,484 for the year ended June 30

Salary: $882,000

Nonequity incentive pay: $1,315,694

Other compensation: $38,280

Value realized on vesting shares: $320,510

New stock options: 152,000

Total fiscal 2016 shareholder return: 12.5 percent

Note: Dan Hanrahan took home about $405,000 less than the year before, mainly because his annual incentive bonus, while exceeding targets for the year, was about 25 percent less than in fiscal 2015.

Last October, only 62.5 percent of votes cast by shareholders were in favor of the annual say-on-pay proposal, down significantly from the prior two years. As a result of the vote, the board committed to more shareholder engagement during the year to address aspects of the company’s executive compensation practices.

Based on shareholder feedback, the company instituted a number of design changes to the executive compensation program for fiscal 2017, including increasing the performance period from one year to three on performance share units. It also established separate goals for short-term and long-term awards, changed the company’s peer group makeup and added more disclosure on the adjustments made for compensation purposes on earnings and capital spending goals.