Reid Travis is the first of the "Big Three" Minnesota recruits to start taking official visits. The 6-7, 235-pound forward got back from his first trip -- a weekend at Gonzaga, one of the schools that has made the Minneapolis native's mysterious short list. I caught up with him at the Howard Pulley Pro City League at the High Performance Academy to chat with him about his experience in Spokane and what's on deck for the rising senior.

You just got back from your Gonzaga official -- how'd it go? It went well, it was nice just to meet the players and kind of view campus and stuff like that, just get a feel for what they’re about.

That was your first official and the first school with a chance to really roll out the red carpet for you – were you at all tempted to commit right away? Haha, no. It was good but I still want to explore all my options. It was a nice basis so when I take other officials I can kind of compare and contrast. So that’s nice.

What did you like the most about it? I think just the community itself – basketball is such a big part of it out there and everyone just loves the basketball players. And then just the family aspect. It is a smaller school, so everyone just feels like a tight community, and I really like that.

I know you said you wanted to take all of your officials by the end of the summer. Do you have any others set up right now? No, I’m talking to some schools trying to get some football games set up, but nothing scheduled right now.

You've mentioned wanting to visit Stanford -- have they officially offered yet, or are they still waiting on academic scores and such? It’s in the making, they’re still trying to get my scores and see where my GPA is at.

I suppose you can’t official there until they’ve actually offered. No, no, I’ll probably have to wait until August and see where I’m at academically and then set it up.

What about Minnesota -- have you worked on setting anything up with them? I haven’t talked to them too much in detail, just because I’m so close and I feel like we can set it up anytime. So there hasn’t been too much pressure there.

Last time I talked to you, you said you have narrowed your list to 15 schools in your mind, but you didn't want to name them. Well, um, want to name them now? I’ll just say it’s down to eight now – AROUND eight.

You’re not going to tell us?? Naaah, I can’t tell!

We know Gonzaga’s on there. We know … Minnesota? (Yes) We know … Stanford. (Yes)

Can I guess the rest? You’ve got three out of the eight!

OK fine. Of those schools are there any that you’re interested in for football and basketball? No, those eight or so are pretty much for basketball. I’ve got another set of schools for football.

You have so many lists. Yeah, I know.

If you could find the right fit with a school that would let you play football and basketball, would that be the ideal? Or is that just another option you’re considering? It’s just a different category, I wouldn’t say ideal. It’s tough to play both at that level, so I don’t know if I’m trying to do that or just play either/or. That’s kind of something I just have to think about once all this summer stuff is over.

What schools have offered in both? Boston College has and Iowa is looking at it.

OK – and, are you still entertaining the idea of just going somewhere for football? Yeah, I’m still entertaining that. I’m still trying to talk to schools, once the period opens up and stuff like that. I’ve been so focused on basketball, football recruiting has kind of been on the back burner but I’ll probably open that up in August.

Gotcha – do you still think you’ll have the sport and school kind of narrowed down to the final location by fall? Yeah, that’s the plan, I want to get some dates set – at least two in August and two in September and by the end of September, I should have a good idea.

You’re going to be busy. I know!