. . . and she's right This is refreshing. Also weird. Don’t know which. People says:

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, who has already vowed not to release photos of her baby after the birth, now says few people would be interested in them anyway – at least in France.

"There isn't much to say," the French first lady, 43, tells the BBC about why she's been so quiet during her pregnancy. "So many women are expecting children and giving birth, and it's so uninteresting for French people."

She adds: "It's great news for me, but it's also something very banal."

Well, it’s not that banal. Having lunch is banal. Having a baby is rather important. As for “so many women expecting children,” this may be one of those situations where someone extrapolates a national trend based on the experiences of three friends in the same well-to-do stratum. The French birthrate has been declining for years.

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