OK, so here's the downer after the Twins' impressive season-opening sweep of the Royals.

The Twins are not going to walk at least seven times every game this year, as they did in each game against Kansas City. They are not going to finish the season hitting .429 with runners in scoring position (as they did in the first two games combined). They are not going to give up fewer than two runs per game all year. They are not going to stay error-free while turning in plenty of gems.

The Twins didn't play three perfect games so far, but they were pretty close in terms of almost everything going their way.

But they can continue to be patient at the plate. They can continue to take good at-bats in clutch situations. They can get better-than-expected pitching. And they can be a good defensive team.

If the Twins do those things, check back in a month or two and see what a real sample size is telling us.

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