If anybody can appreciate the chance to speak Diablo Cody's dialogue, it's Brie Larson, who gives a standout performance as the frustrated daughter of a mother with multiple personalties in Showtime's "The United States of Tara." Surprisingly, Larson has never seen Cody's Oscar-winning film, "Juno," because she doesn't want to be influenced by Ellen Page's work. Instead, she's watching stuff that her character, Kate, might be into. She gives us the scoop (sort of) on one of her faves, 2002's "The Eye.

"I've been watching a lot of Japanese movies, Japanese soap operas and anime, like 'Strawberry Marshmallow,' stuff that would get into Kate's head.

"The original 'The Eye' is amazing. [Jessica Alba starred in a 2008 remake.] What's it about? Typical beautiful girls dealing with death. I feel like you should watch it. Trust me. You have to see it. Watch the movie!"