Built in 1937, our special cabin is tucked into the woods on a clear, sparkling lake in Cass County. We are its third owners. The best features are the split rock fireplace soaring from the living room to the roof of the sleeping loft and the screened-in porch where we enjoy family meals and many competitive card games.

One of our granddaughters wrote a poem titled “My Grandpa’s Cabin” when she was 9. She later wrote a beautiful essay that ends with the folłowing: “My favorite place in the world is my Grandpa’s cabin. It has created a bond between my Grandpa and me that is irreplaceable. My family and I are very close, which the cabin helped mold and shape. My environmental beliefs and love for the outdoors were motivated by my experiences at the cabin. Without this cabin, I think I would have much different values. My feelings towards the cabin are best put by (Henry David) Thoreau: ‘It is a little star-dust caught; a segment of the rainbow which I have clutched.’ ”

Dale and Carol Smith, Hutchinson