Nicholas David has a voice as sexy as a red tomato or a cowboy boot.

The Minnesota alum of NBC’s “The Voice” is the voice talent in a steamy new Bushel Boy TV commercial in which no singing is required.

“Is it hot in here? Why, yes it is. A balmy 75 degrees. The perfect temperature for pollination. [Video of bees being bees.] Greenhouse grown, Bushel Boy tomatoes. Always red, ripe and juicy,” David intones over a seductive music track heavy on drums, guitar, bass and singers singing, “Oh Yeah.” (See it on YouTube at

Doug deGrood, creative director of the advertising agency GdB, said a couple of years ago he needed a voice talent for a talking cowboy boot in the “Country Dance” video game commercial for Activision.

“All the local talent agencies sent us a bunch of candidates. I didn’t like any of them,” said deGrood. “I said, ‘Do you have anybody else who’s got a little more soulful voice?’ They said We’ve got this brand new guy; he doesn’t even have a demo reel yet. I said, ‘I tell you what, have him call my voice mail and read something like a poem, whatever.’

“He leaves me a voice mail and I’m like ‘Oh, my god — he’s it.’ That was well before he became a celebrity on ‘The Voice.’ After using him in that commercial we also used him in a Summit beer commercial last year. So we were very familiar with him. Because of those experiences we knew he had the chops for this Bushel Boy spot.”

With Barry White and Isaac Hayes now deceased, a sexy voice-over talent for a new generation may have been born.


MyPillow exec rests easy CEO Mike Lindell should be sleeping a lot better than Olympians in Sochi.

Lindell’s company responded to pleas from the public to send pillows to Sochi after the shortage in the Olympic Village was disclosed. So far the pillows have only gotten as far as U.S. Olympics headquarters in Colorado. Lindell told me he was told that if he dared ship the pallets of pillows to Russia it would only mean “customs officials are going to have a very good night’s sleep.”

Lindell is scheduled to be on WGN radio in Chicago twice today to discuss the red tape that prevented him from putting pillows under the heads of Olympians. One of those interviews is scheduled for 6:30 a.m. with my buddy Steven Cochran, formerly of KDWB.

In other news, Lindell told me Monday his short-lived marriage is over. “We finally got things settled [with] Dallas, in January. She just agreed to not go after anything. She kind of had a change of heart, didn’t want to keep pursuing what really wasn’t hers, I guess,” said Lindell, who said they had a pre-nup.

They married June 8, 2013. On June 26 I received my first e-mail that something was awry, and by mid-July Lindell had filed for divorce from the woman he dated for two years, during which she became a MyPillow exec. The troubles started to play out in front of some of the 300 wedding guests and $30,000 to $50,000 in fireworks.

Lindell is headed to Hawaii for the marriage of Alto Reed, a confidant during the divorce and the sax guy on Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page.”


Reviving 5’s a.m. show

Chris Egert has left KSTP-TV’s afternoon show after nine months to be an anchor on “5 Eyewitness News Mornings.”

I do believe I told readers that KSTP was serious about improving its morning numbers when heavy-hitter Ken Barlow became the morning meteorologist. Barlow has a Q-rating up there with Hubbard Meteorologist-for-Life Dave Dahl. Don’t forget about the item I wrote about the managers working overnight to assess the needs of the morning show.

I left a message Monday for Brad Sattin, the morning show anchor who was given a few months to find another job, after I got an e-mail from someone about hiring Sattin. Not the strangest e-mail I’ve received by a long shot.


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