A Burnsville man faces 27 years in federal prison after pleading guilty on Wednesday to a violent kidnapping.

In August 2017, Dontay Lavarice Reese, 37, introduced himself to a woman in downtown Minneapolis who had become separated from her friends. He told her he would drive her home, according to court records. Instead, he drove her in the wrong direction into Wisconsin, where he told her he would take her several states away and use her to make money as a prostitute.

She tried to escape twice, but the first time he tackled her and dragged her back to the car. The second time he dragged her by her hair, and at one point repeatedly slammed a car door on her hands.

Reese later took her into a wooded area along Interstate 94, and repeatedly raped her, according to court records.

She was eventually able to escape and find help, leading to Reese’s arrest.

“The victim endured a terrifying experience, and has shown incredible courage throughout this process. Because of her courage a violent offender is no longer in our community,” U.S. Attorney Erica MacDonald said in a statement.

Reese’s attorney, Robert Richman, declined to comment.

As part of his plea deal, both prosecution and defense agreed to recommend 27 years in prison for Reese. His sentencing has been scheduled for June 4 in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis.