About a decade ago, former Vikings coach Bud Grant decided to get rid of a bunch of old stuff by having a garage sale. But there's been enough to get rid of — or maybe more things were dug up — that Grant has turned the sale into an annual event.

In 2014, Grant decided to use social media (and other media) to get the word out. And this week he's using Twitter to let people know that his 2016 sale is scheduled for May 18-20 in Bloomington.

No early birds, please.

The address is 8134 Oakmere Road in Bloomington.

At the 2014 sale, the first one that was heavily advertised, there was a massive turnout to buy Grant's things and to meet the man himself.

In case you're wondering: When you've coached a Minnesota football team in four Super Bowls, we'll publicize your garage sale, too. (And you don't even have to win any of them.)