A Blaine woman faces two counts of child endangerment after prosecutors say she was found high on meth while her three young children were in the back seat of her car sitting in filthy diapers.

Brooklyn Park police were called to an extended stay hotel in the city on Aug. 24, where they found Andrea Rose Dahl, 31, unconscious in her car while holding a meth pipe, according to the criminal charge filed Friday. Her three children, ages 2 months, 1 and 3, were in the back seat, sitting in diapers soaked in feces and urine, the complaint alleges. The 3-year-old told police he needed his diaper changed. After removing the diaper, police said he stood up and urinated for about 30 seconds.

After she was arrested, Dahl told police that she used meth about two hours earlier in Minneapolis and drove to the Brooklyn Center hotel to get a room, according to the charges. She said fell asleep in the car but was not unconscious.

Records show Anoka County child protection had the opportunity to remove the children from Dahl’s care in June, when she gave birth to a boy who tested positive for meth. Child protection investigators learned that Dahl’s family members found a box with several glass cylinders and a white powder that one of her children could access. Three days later after giving birth, Dahl left the hospital against medical advice.

Child protection found Dahl at her home, where she agreed to work on a plan to keep the children safe. But family members continued to express concern to Anoka County child protection, who said they found several pipes were found in Dahl’s home. Her doctor told child protection that Dahl’s newborn son was losing 8 percent of his body weight, records show.

In late July, Anoka child protection received a report that Dahl was living with her kids in her car and doing drugs. Child protection found that Dahl neglected her newborn son, but did not remove her children from her care.

The children were removed from Dahl’s care after they were found in the Brooklyn Center parking lot in late August. A warrant has been issued for Dahl’s arrest.

Dahl could not be reached for comment.