President-elect Joe Biden's transition planning has reignited buzz about a potential Secretary Amy Klobuchar.

The Minnesota Democrat, who endorsed Biden as she ended her own White House bid in March, has made several speculative shortlists compiled by national outlets. Possible posts include secretary of agriculture or attorney general. Fellow Minnesotan Jake Sullivan, a former top aide to the senator, is also said to be in the mix.

The Biden team isn't commenting publicly on potential Cabinet picks. Klobuchar, for her part, remains coy.

"I'm just focused on my job and making sure we still have a democracy and that's it," she said this week.

A Klobuchar pick would potentially set off another round of Minnesota political musical chairs, with Gov. Tim Walz responsible for appointing a temporary replacement to the seat.

The DFL governor said this week that while such a scenario is "a bridge we'll cross when we get there," attorneys are already briefing him on the process and options should a vacancy occur.

"I just think for Senator Klobuchar, it's an honor to be thought of for this and for Minnesota to have one of our own in a Cabinet position, if that's the direction that the senator wants to go, we certainly are excited about that," Walz told WCCO Radio. "And we will fill that position here."

Torey Van Oot