Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said Brett Favre will practice some on Thursday and "give him the throws he neds to get."

Favre did not practice Wednesday because of tendinitis in his right elbow. Favre said he would consider not playing and thus ending his record consecutive games streak if he feels like he's hurting the team.

Bevell said he can't envision Favre not being on the field, but he said his status this week is a "day-to-day thing." Bevell also said he didn't see Favre clutching his arm after making several throws Monday night until he watched the highlights.

Bevell was asked if Favre's injury will affect how he has to call the game.

"No," Bevell said.

Not at all?

"No," Bevell said.

Because you have confidence he can make every throw or you can't worry about it?

"If a guy is going to play then you have to play it the way you're going to play it," Bevell said. "You're not going to be able to hide the quarterback obviously. If he's got to make throws, he's got to make throws. If he can't make them, you have to put somebody else in there." 

Of course, we also know that Bevell is not going to tip his hand on any game plan thinking. No coach would. But it seems reasonable to think the Vikings will want to establish the running game and rely on that heavily Sunday against Dallas to limit the amount of throws Favre has to make.

"If that's the approach we take then I'm all in for it," Adrian Peterson said. "I'm ready to do my part. But that's the mindset we come into every game. Make sure we estsblish the run game."