The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has completed its investigation involving St. Paul City Council Member Dai Thao, who has been accused of soliciting a bribe for his mayoral campaign.

And now the FBI also is investigating the allegations, according to Thao’s former campaign manager.

The BCA said Friday that the Scott County attorney’s office will review the findings, which won’t be made public until the case is closed.

“I have cooperated with investigators, and I fully expect to be exonerated by this process,” Thao said Friday.

Angela Marlow, Thao’s former campaign manager, said the FBI and BCA have been investigating the allegations against her and Thao.

Marlow said a BCA investigator told her earlier this month that she did not find any wrongdoing on Marlow’s part, but could not share information about the Thao investigation with Marlow.

The allegations stem from a February meeting between Thao, lobbyist Sarah Clarke and some of her clients about potential changes to St. Paul’s food-packaging regulations.

Clarke said Thao told them that he needed “resources to spread his message,” which they interpreted as a request for a contribution.

Marlow later texted Clarke: “Dai asked me to see if I could get a donation from your clients or yourself for his mayor campaign? My understanding is that they are leaving tomorrow. We will certainly rethink this issue.”

Thao fired Marlow after the allegations emerged.

At the city’s DFL endorsing convention last weekend, Thao called the allegations against him “dirty tricks” and said they didn’t surprise him because he is fighting against the status quo and racial injustice.

Convention delegates failed to endorse any of the four DFL candidates for mayor, but Thao came in second behind Melvin Carter.

Scott County is handling the investigation to avoid a potential conflict of interest because Marlow works for Ramsey County. She said she has been on paid leave from her county job during the investigation and review.