A Champlin man who operated a bail bonds company pleaded guilty on Tuesday to forging a bond that allowed a heroin dealer accused of murder to temporarily go free.

Anthony Hanson, 45, was the director of Ability Bail Bonds in Minneapolis when the company was contacted in May 2016 by Beverly Burrell, who was facing third-degree murder charges for selling heroin that led to an overdose death.

Burrell’s associates paid the company $18,500 to post a $300,000 bond, according to the Hennepin County attorney’s office. But the company only had the bonding authority to put up $100,000 bond, so Hanson “used glue, tweezers and a scissors to cut a 5 from a $5,000 bond and glue it over the 1 in the $100,000 bond. He then forged his wife’s signature on the bond,” according to the county attorney.

Burrell was free for four days before she was arrested again. Authorities say there is no indication that she was aware of the forged bond.

Burrell was found guilty of third-degree murder last month after selling heroin to Lucas Ronnei, 20, of Chanhassen in January 2016. He died the next morning.