May 9
Before starting a long trip, check tire pressure, oil levels and lights, and check to see if rest stops will be open.

How to drive during the pandemic

Experts offer tips for keeping yourself safe if you need to hit the road.
May 9

Motormouth: It's easy to see where to get an add-on backup camera

Q: We have a 2006 low-mileage Mercedes-Benz. The car doesn’t have a backup camera. Can you recommend anything to help us out in finding something…
May 6

Edmunds: How to manage your lease during the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly changed the way we live and conduct business in this country. Take, for instance, the act of terminating a vehicle…
May 4

Gridlock gone, sports car collectors take over Times Square

Danny Lin cruised his white sports car down Broadway, the bright lights of Times Square gleaming off his sharply detailed Audi R8. He looped through the tourist hotspot again and again, navigating around Corvettes, Mercedes, Mustangs and BMWs — a parade of high-priced vehicles gathered for a rare photo-op.
May 1

Motormouth: Good brakes are worth the extra cost

Q: I am due for new brake pads for my 2011 Cadillac SRX. Searching brake shops, I find a wide range of prices starting at…
May 1
Miniature tin car closeup at summer beach scene

Car shows go on, except with toys

With real auto shows on hiatus, diecast cars take over.
April 29

Car tech to guard against distracted driving

Distracted driving puts not only drivers on the road at risk but also passengers, cyclists and pedestrians. In 2018, it led to the deaths of…