A man was wearing a T-shirt at the Minnesota State Fair that read, PRAY FOR ME; I’M MARRIED TO A NORWEGIAN.

What is THAT supposed to mean?

By the time I decided to turn around and ask, the man was lost in the crowd.

Probably because one of my great ambitions is to create an iconic T-shirt, that “Norwegian” message gave me an idea for a video. Some Minnesotans were too reserved, even if their T-shirts were not, to play along, but I still got some fun responses. This could become an annual thing like sports columnist Patrick Reusse’s “Turkey” column.

Q: Mary Reeder, St. Paul: Why are you wearing a T-shirt that reads, KEEP ST. PAUL BORING?

A: I’m boring, and there needs to be a place for boring people like me to feel comfortable.

Q: J.L. Smithson, Richfield, wore a shirt that stated, NOT TO BE TRUSTED ALONE AT TARGET.

A: I bought me this shirt. So many people posted this to my Facebook page because Target is my happy place. I am the worst Target shopper, as I wander in and just kind of look. I will buy broken Christmas ornaments and put them on a special tree because I figure they are never going to get purchased.


Q: Do they sell this T-shirt at Target?

A: No, but they should. My friends were saying it’s the wrong red for Target. I was like, “The red’s probably copyrighted.”


Q: Carl Peterson, Chico, Calif., was in the metro visiting a pretty little Minneapolis girl, Summer Grace. His shirt read, DO ME A FAVOR AND STOP TALKING. Explanation, please?

A: You know when some people talk too much and you kind of want them to zip it? [See video where Peterson illustrates yapping.] Plus, my wife likes the T-shirt.


Q: Brian Switala, St. Paul, was wearing a tee that read D.A.D.D. (Dads Against Daughters Dating). So how old are his daughters?

A: They are 29 and 18. The 29-year-old [gave him the shirt]. She can date when she gets married. [Laughter.]


Q: Logan Farnham, Minneapolis, why are you wearing a shirt that reads, CLEARLY WE TOOK THIS ANYONE CAN BE PRESIDENT THING WAY TOO FAR?

A: I think whoever is president needs to actually be a president and not post on social media all his policies without vetting them through his or her staff. The thing that got me started ... was locking up the children, separating them from their parents, because my children are Korean. If the policy was in place when my son came to the United States, he wouldn’t be with us.


Q: The previous T-shirt sent me over to the Trump-Pence booth for some balance. I found Mark Donnelly, Afton, wearing a shirt I read as political: SORRY, DID I ROLL MY EYES OUT LOUD? So what was Donnelly — who said he was a neighbor of my pal Randy Meier, a Fox 9 anchor — really rolling his eyes about?

A: Every woman I see with my sunglasses on.


Q: April Posner, who says she is from New York City although she has lived here 35 years, wore a shirt that read, ACT YOUR RAGE.

A: What’s my rage? There’s a lot of anti-Semitism going on worldwide. I don’t want to go to Europe. I wear it because my niece last year was in England, she was having a lot of trouble with anti-Semitism at college. She didn’t realize what it was. I had to explain it. I don’t think she understands. So I am [outstretched arms] ACTING MY RAGE. [April, I hope all goes well with the kidney transplant for your brother!]


Q: John Persoon, Mahtomedi, was wearing this: HOW ABOUT NO.

A: My daughter brought this back for me from Disneyland in California and a couple times today a vendor asked me a question and I just turned to them [and showed off this shirt].


If you are the wearer of the “Norwegian” T-shirt, and you are not too shy, shoot me an e-mail so we can rendezvous.


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