'Black and White: The Absence of Color'

Photojournalism is rooted in the black-and-white format, and photographers have continued to find this medium a classic way to tell a story of a place, time or people. Plus, nothing provides quite the study in contrast, or evokes such feelings of nostalgia, as black-and-white photography. Mpls Photo Center's new 70-piece group show, curated by Houston Center for Photography executive director Bevin Bering Dubrowski, is sure to be filled with striking visuals from a range of subjects and concepts. From raw depictions of urban life to haunting portraits, the show's bright whites, deep blacks and rich shades of gray bring a moment to life in ways that color simply cannot.

Rosalux 10th Anniversary Exhibition

Independent galleries open and close all the time -- a mark of the tempestuous nature of artists. That makes Rosalux Gallery's hard-won 10th anniversary all the more worth celebrating. The Minneapolis collective gallery opened in February 2002 at 628 Central Av. NE. Since then, the collective traveled to no fewer than three locales, was homeless for nearly a year and saw shifts in its member roster, but its vision remained. Rosalux's 20 member artists will showcase their work in this best-of compilation show, including co-founders Shawn McNulty, Amelia Biewald and director Terrence Payne, as well as relative newcomer Nick Howard and longtime members Tara Costello and John Diebel.