WASHINGTON -- National Dems are running an ad to help Angie Craig, the Democratic hopeful in the Second Congressional District, depicting average voters talking about Donald Trump and the GOP challenger Jason Lewis.

One of those "average" voters is Kathleen Micheletti -- a prominent Minnesota lobbyist for Education Minnesota who has endorsed Angie Craig.

Republicans say this shows that Craig, whose campaign had nothing to do with the ad, is so enmeshed with the political establishment that lobbyists are just freely appearing in ads to help her.

They have criticized Craig's leadership of her former company St. Jude's Political Action Committee.

"As head of her company's PAC, where she steered hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign cash to politicians, Angie Craig rubbed elbows with lobbyists and became entrenched in both the Minnesota and D.C. political establishments," said National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Bob Salera. "Angie Craig is the consummate political insider."

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which cut the ad running in the Twin Cities media markets now, said: "Jason Lewis's Trump-esque rhetoric is indefensible, so it's no surprise Republicans are resorting to attacking Minnesotans."