Everything you need to know about the worst All-Star Game in major professional sports can be summed up in one sentence: Andy Dalton is going to the Pro Bowl.

The Bengals QB, the very definition of slightly above average and certainly not exceptional, is in because almost every other top QB is out. Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and Philip Rivers aren't playing because of injuries. Tom Brady and Russell Wilson are in the Super Bowl, so they're out, too.

So Dalton, voted as the seventh alternate, is in. Are you ready for some football!?

in a pinch Jim Harbaugh once used Gatorade on cereal when he was out of milk, his son Jay — a Michigan assistant — told mgoblue.com.

downgrade Doug Marrone opted out of his contract as head coach with the Bills … to be Jaguars offensive line coach? Sounds like a miscalculation.