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High: Celebrating my son's 1st birthday!
Low: Exhausted from celebrating my son's 1st birthday

***An Open Letter to My Son***


It is hard for me to imagine what life will be like for you as a man, and as the next generation of leadership to come into this world. I don't know the struggles that you will face, I don't know the success that you will see, I don't know the people that you meet and I don't know what it is going to look like for you to achieve your goals. As your father I will do all that I can to prepare you for the world. The only problem is; I don't know what your world is going to look like in contrast to mine.

I don't know how things will change. I don't know how the circumstances that I face will be radically different from the circumstances that you face. I can't fix the hands of time so that your success comes without question. I have no doubt that you are a full representation of what the leadership will be in years to come. The vision to be set for you is far beyond what I can imagine.

What I can do, what I will do is be the best example of manhood that I know. I will show you honesty, loyalty, dedication, perseverance, commitment, confidence, strength and courage so that you have the necessary tools to be the kind of man that I know you can be.

My advice to you is to take care of yourself. Know who you are and love yourself. Love your family. Be healthy.  Honor your mother. Respect your elders. Appreciate life and the experiences you face whether good, bad or indifferent. Know God and see him in everyone. Have faith and be faithful. Have trust and be trustworthy. Be full of pride and humility. Be a servant leader. Tell the truth. Be careful full with your words. Be smart. Learn from your mistakes and from the mistakes of others. Watch for good examples. Be a good example. Shower, brush and floss daily. Iron and fold your clothes. Make your bed. Keep your room clean. Do your homework. Take your time. Work hard. Do good things. Do impossible things. Learn the laws of power and influence and use them to your advantage. Know that a man who finds a wife finds a good thing and let God guide you in that journey.

You are priceless and you are free. You are so much more than I am; I lose my words in awe for what can be. I am excited for the opportunity to teach you, to learn from you and with you, to grow with you, to be present in your life, and be a part of all that you achieve.

Be great. I love you forever.



Happy first birthday,


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