Photos of a six-month old koala clinging to his mom during life-saving surgery in Australia are taking the internet by storm.

After Phantom and his mom, Lizzie, were hit by a car on the Warrego Highway west of Brisbane, the pair was rushed to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. Although Phantom was unhurt, Lizzy had to be treated for trauma and a collapsed lung, according to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warrios Facebook page.

At six months old and weighing only 420 grams, Phantom was considered too young to leave his mom's side, so he was allowed to stay with her during her exams and surgery, providing mom with support -- and fans worldwide with some of the most adorable photos ever.

Alex Halford, a public relations executive with the Australia Zoo, said via email that Phantom is also placed "in a 'pouch' during weighing to ensure he feels safe and protected while away from mum."

The zoo reports that Lizzie is on antibiotics and recovering from the accident with the help of doctors, and her little joey. 

The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital has treated more than 58,000 native wildlife patients to date. Halford said koalas are among the more common patients treated at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, averaging around 70 koalas treated each month. He added that the cost of treating a koala can range from $1,500 to $5,000. Donations can be made to support the hospital's work, here