“Dining Room in the Country”

Museums around the world frequently try to borrow Pierre Bonnard’s luminous painting from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for retrospectives of the artist’s work.

“La Seine à Vetheuil”

This work by Claude Monet (pictured at top of page) and other Impressionist paintings draw tourists from across the nation to Winona’s Minnesota Marine Art Museum.


“Green Violin” º

Joseph Beuys and Henning Christiansen collaborated on painting, and adding a stamp, to this violin, which is part of the Walker Art Center’s extensive collection of Beuys multiples.

Portolan Charts

These hand-painted 15th-century navigational maps attract scholars to the James Ford Bell Library at the University of Minnesota.

Split Rock Lighthouse

From 1910 to 1969 it warned ore boats of danger, until modern navigational equipment made it obsolete. Now it stands as a proud symbol of the state’s history as one of 26 historic sites and museums managed by the Minnesota Historical Society.