Theaterpalooza? Playnado? Dramarama?

Whatever you call it, the month of September in the Twin Cities is jam-packed with theater options. (And, likely because of scheduling around the State Fair and Labor Day, that’s the case every year.)

Presumably, it’s great news for actors and other artists and a tad overwhelming for those who write about theater (boo-hoo). But theater is made for audiences, and all of these possibilities are awesome for folks who love to lose themselves in a great play or musical.

To help you wrap your brain around these 30 crazy days, we’ve worked out your all-theater month, which demonstrates how you could attend a different play every day and still not fit in everything (sorry, “Loony Lutherans” at the Ames Center in Burnsville). Obviously, this is not the only way to make it happen. And it’s just possible some people don’t have time to go to the theater every day this month. So we’ve included handy icons to help you find, for instance, all of the classics being produced, or put together a whole week of only musicals.

We’ve included some bargain performances, some with talkbacks and at least one with audio description, but if you do a little digging on websites, you’ll find many more. The main thing is to get out there and play.

What are you in the mood for? We've broken down our picks based on some broad categories:

  • Classic
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Musical
  • Premiere








Sunday, September 1

“The Rez Sisters”

Gremlin Theatre

Seven women from a Canadian Indian reserve are on an epic quest to attend the world’s biggest bingo game.

Monday, September 2

“Show X”

Huge Theater

Here, Monday nights showcase improv, combining regulars such as Lauren Anderson with surprise guests.

Tuesday, September 3

“Mamma Mia!”

Chanhassen Dinner Theatres

Bummed about back-to-school? It’s always peak summer in the Abba musical, set in Greece.

Wednesday, September 4

“Community Ed With a Side of Just Nancee”

Bryant-Lake Bowl

Three female performers meet at the intersection of improv and stand-up comedy.

Thursday, September 5

“Shame of Thrones: Stupidity War”

Brave New Workshop

Sketch comedy vets take on cancel culture and prestige TV, with a dash of Minnesota Not-Nice.

Friday, September 6

“Escaped Alone/Here We Go”

Gremlin Theatre

Arguably, Frank Theatre kicks off the fall theater season with a pair of blistering one-acts by Caryl Churchill.

Saturday, September 7

“The Clemency of Tito’s Tennis Court”

Bronx Park

Mixed Precipitation mashes up Mozart and Devo in a community garden setting in St. Louis Park. With snacks!

Sunday, September 8

“Five Presidents”

Old Log Theatre

What did the title characters yammer about at the funeral of Richard Nixon? This comedy/drama has a few ideas.

Monday, September 9

“Much Ado About Nothing”

Lab Theater

In which Shakespeare invents the rom-com. The Classical Actors Ensemble performance finds the love in love/hate.

Tuesday, September 10

“Smokey Joe’s Cafe”


They say the neon lights are bright at the Ordway, in a new staging of this stroll through the hits of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

Wednesday, September 11

“Ride the Cyclone”

Jungle Theater

The aftermath of a roller-coaster accident provides the setting for this off-Broadway sensation. Tonight’s a preview, so just $15.

Thursday, September 12

“Bright Star”

Lyric Arts

Steve Martin and Edie Brickell’s bluegrass musical was inspired by an unbelievable-but-true story about family bonds.

Friday, September 13


Phoenix Theater

Martin Sherman’s trailblazing drama imagines a love story between two men, imprisoned in a concentration camp during WWII.

Saturday, September 14


New Dawn

A new company debuts with a star-studded cast in the beloved drama about a girl sent down South to learn from “hat queens.”

Sunday, September 15

“Our Town”


The Stage Manager in Thornton Wilder’s masterpiece has been played by Paul Newman and Orson Welles. No pressure, Linda Kelsey.

Monday, September 16

“Arden of Faversham”

Lab Theater

Classical Actors Ensemble’s noirish staging asks who murdered Thomas Arden. And will she get away with it?

Tuesday, September 17

“Circus Abyssinia: Ethiopian Dreams”

Children’s Theatre Company

Daredevil boys fall asleep to find their dreams came true: They’ve run off and joined the circus.

Wednesday, September 18

“The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time”

Yellow Tree

Stacia Rice returns to the stage in the adaptation of Mark Haddon’s blockbuster novel.

Thursday, September 19

“The Glass Menagerie”

Guthrie Theater

The last preview of Tennessee Williams’ masterpiece, helmed by Joseph Haj, is a bargain. Tickets start at $15.

Friday, September 20

“Jimmy and Lorraine: A Musing”

Pillsbury House Theatre

Literary titans, friends and revolutionaries Baldwin and Hansberry, in their own words.

Saturday, September 21


Ritz Theater

Theater Latté Da’s take on the classic murder-and-showbiz musical should be especially razzle-dazzling on opening night.

Sunday, September 22

“Bone Mother”

Museum of Russian Art

There’s a post-show discussion, with lots to discuss: The play involves Russian myths, aerialists and feminism.

Monday, September 23

“Immaculate Heart”

Crane Theater

Sexuality factors into many dramas, but characters in Freshwater Theatre’s romance may be asexual.

Tuesday, September 24

“If the Spirit Moves”

Elision Playhouse

An artist impersonates a medium in an offbeat world premiere, only to find that she really is one.

Wednesday, September 25


2010 E. Hennepin

Book your tickets early for this puzzle room/interactive theater combo. Only 10 amateur sleuths can attend each performance.

Thursday, September 26


Ives Auditorium

Residents learn how far they’ll go to snag a primo bed at a living center for older adults. From “Rabbit Hole” writer David Lindsay-Abaire.

Friday, September 27


Park Square Theatre

Sun Mee Chomet, Shanan Custer and Kurt Kwan appear in a drama in which home cooking unites a Korean-American family.

Saturday, September 28

“The Rocky Horror Show”

Park Square

Spend the weekend at the St. Paul venue, which is in previews of an even more gender-bendy-than-usual version of the cult favorite.

Sunday, September 29


Mixed Blood

A callow youth is at the center of the musical that promises “Magic to Do.” Performed by Theatre 55, whose artists are over 55.

Monday, September 30

“Friends With Guns”

Off Leash Art Box

Gun ownership comes between friends in Uprising Theatre’s dark comedy, which also explores feminism.