Bobby Zimmerman brushed his teeth here

Bobby Zimmerman brushed his teeth here.

Avid Bob Dylan fans have paid $2 million for a draft of lyrics to his “Like a Rolling Stone” and $965,000 for his Stratocaster guitar with which he famously went electric at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival.

Search the internet and you’ll find a wide array of Dylan collectibles for sale from a handbill for his first New York City concert on Nov. 4, 1961 (asking price $1,100) to T-shirts from his various tours (prices vary) to a photo of Dylan as a toddler ($37.54).

Now comes the ultimate collectible in, well, somebody’s mind: Dylan’s boyhood bathroom sink.

He was still Bobby Zimmerman then, of course. But Bobby and his younger brother David apparently used this upstairs sink in their childhood home in Hibbing.

The sink comes from the collection of Zimmy’s, the Hibbing restaurant that celebrated the hometown hero from 1985 to 2013. Zimmy’s liked to think of itself as the unofficial Bob Dylan Museum. It closed in early 2014.

Linda Stroback, co-owner of Zimmy’s, obtained the 1940s/50s vintage sink from the Marolts, who owned the former Zimmerman home at 25th and 7th Street in Hibbing.

Writes Stroback on eBay: “When they remodeled the upstairs bathroom in the late '60s/ early '70s, we later received the sink from them, where it was stored in the backyard of their residence for many years and it is truly amazing it survived in such beautiful condition.

“We found this sink with its original faucet handles still intact and with the marks where a water glass was placed, time and time again. It is all original, except, for a small front portion of the sink that has been professionally restored.”

The sink comes with a provenance from Angel Marolt.

The current bid on eBay is $4,000.

The winning bidder must pay shipping. And, no, Stroback is not throwing in the kitchen sink.