A new Ameriprise study shows that the economic downturn has shifted the attitudes of retirees and those planning to retire. Here are the six stages of retirement thinking. There used to be five, but the "hesitation" phase was added after the stock market's dive. Where do you fit in?

Forming ideas, setting goals and painting a picture of what retirement will be like.

stage 2 hesitation 3-5 years before retirement

A new stage added because of the recession and market downturn. People visualize retirement and question whether they're really ready.

stage 3 anticipation 2 years before retirement

After thinking and planning for retirement for years, this group feels hopeful, optimistic and empowered. More than half of those surveyed in this phase are working with a financial adviser.

stage 4 realization 1 year after retirement

Reality has set in. There's worry about whether the money will last and whether retirement will be enjoyable.

stage 5 reorientation 2-15 years after retirement

Adjusting expectations, coping with feelings of disappointment, getting into a groove.

stage 6 reconciliation 16+ years after retirement

Getting used to retirement. So this is what it's like.

Source: Ameriprise Financial's new Retirement Mindscape II Study

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