Whether you have a new job, new digs or just want to post a cool selfie, chances are you’ve shared what you’ve been up to on social media. Sharing what you’re doing might sound innocent, but hackers are taking interest in your updates. Here’s a list of things you should never share on social media:

Your phone number.

According to Jeff Bernstein, managing director of T & M Protection Resources in New York, social media hackers want phone numbers because they are unique identifiers that typically last a long time. “Obtaining a target’s phone number provides an attacker with a platform to obtain additional information about the user targeted and to launch further attacks.”

Your home address

To avoid burglars showing up at your home would be one reason not to share your home address on social media. However, social media hackers aren’t looking to just rob your home — they’re out to get everything you’re worth. They can be leveraged to create phishing schemes and can be used to verify your identity with banks.


Your new credit card

Even though it should be a no-brainer, some people become overly excited about receiving a new credit card and end up sharing a picture of it on their social media accounts. Sharing your credit card info gives hackers easy access to your financial accounts — since your account number and name are right on the card — and this could easily turn your life upside down.


Hashtags make it easy to follow a conversation on social media sites like Twitter. But be careful what you hashtag: Social media hackers are watching your every move.

Sharing too much information about yourself or your whereabouts can be quite simple with hashtags, particularly with society now having the tendency to hashtag their whole lives.


Checked in locations

Although it’s fun and easy, checking in to your favorite places isn’t very smart. “This notifies hackers that you will be using your credit card in different locations, making it easier to post transactions that would otherwise be unusual,” said Morgan O’Mara, content coordinator at Record Nations, a document security company.