Fox 9 anchor Jeff Passolt is recovering after slipping on the ice last week and breaking his hip.

The accident happened while Passolt was on assignment at the Capitol. He was there to interview Gov. Mark Dayton and afterward, he hit an icy patch.

"I was able to drag myself to my car ... but I don't remember it clearly or my drive home," Passolt said.

Passolt described the fall on Twitter:

A blonde woman in a small black sedan stopped to help Passolt. He's been trying to find her to thank her since the fall, but so far, no luck.

"The woman who stopped to help me almost wiped out when getting out of her car," Passolt said. "She caught herself by grabbing [a] street sign."

Passolt said he hopes to be back on the anchor desk in six weeks, but due to having diabetes, recovery could take a little longer. Until then, he's in good spirits thanks in part to well-wishers on Twitter.

"The response on social media has been heart-warming," Passolt said.