If you’ve been holding back on your color wheel, now’s the time to let go. With the official launch of spring, it’s the perfect time to infuse bold and bright colors into your space.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some tips for infusing bright, bold and beautiful colors into nearly any room of your home:

1. Consider warm colors. Colors that are considered warm, such as red, orange and yellow, add an instant pop of color to a space.

2. Use color as accents. If you have neutral-colored furniture pieces, as many of us do, accent them with brightly colored pieces.

3. Infuse color in often ignored spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens.

4. Purchase “portable” decor options with which to infuse color, such as pillows and throws, artwork, area rugs and other accessories.

5. Mix it up. It’s OK to mix bold and bright colors in one space, especially if you are repeating the same or similar colors throughout.

6. Choose full chroma colors when possible. Colors that are rich and fully saturated have maximum impact.

7. Use white and black to add contrast. Neutral colors will help ensure that your bright colors pop that much more.

8. Consider adding in a colored upholstery piece, such as an accent chair.

9. Repeat the same or similar colors throughout your space. Love orange or lemon yellow? Sprinkle throughout your home.

10. Don’t overdo it. Use color purposefully.