Two things I’ve found oddly mesmerizing in the past 24 hours, both of which have to do with the Timberwolves:

1) Zach LaVine’s offseason workout video. It’s just 53 seconds of him working on 1-on-1 moves and jump shots, but for some reason I’ve watched it three times (and counting). Maybe it’s because these are the types of moves that will directly benefit him in games? Maybe it’s because it shows off just how ridiculously quick he is? Maybe it’s because it’s better to watch it than to try to defend it? Anyway, here it is:

2) The Timberwolves tweeted a pair of photos of rapper 50 Cent in a Wolves cap. Two theories on why this is interesting to me: 1) My Midwest inclination to express pride and gratification when anyone of international celebrity who isn’t from around here shows off any hints of “one-of-us-ness.” 2) It’s a possible sign that the Wolves are cool and will be a team celebs are interested in? Anyway, here is the tweet:

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