In a few posts this year, I've referred to Minnesota's current election cycle as a bit of a sleeper. My description was based on an election season without a vibrant debate about issues and an overall lack of enthusiasm in Minnesota politics. 

It has been a very boring campaign season, but with one race starting to get interesting.  

But in a recent post by Aaron Blake for the Washington Post's The Fix, Blake referred to the 2014 elections in America "as it's also kind of -- and apologies to Seinfeld here -- an election about nothing." A perfect description by Blake. 

I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking this election cycle has been one that has not been driven by one or two main issues. As highlighted in Blake's post, "it's hard to name one issue that has the staying power to be the dominant issue -- or even a dominant one -- in the 2014 election." I agree. 

For some reason in 2014, Americans seem less passionate about issues than in previous years. Political analysts will hopefully not describe the next few months in Minnesota in Seinfeld speak, by saying "yada, yada, yada," and then we voted.  

Picture source: AP Photo/Columbia/TriStar Television Distribution