Bird eggs, during their critical life, which is beginning to end, are mysteries. Disregarding the bird sitting in the nest, removing an egg for examination can be harmful. So, a group of conservationists in the United Kingdom, working to save a species of vulture, have come up with a high-tech 3D egg substitute.

This is Egg Beaters with computer chips.

The fake egg is placed in the nests of vultures threatened by low populations. The birds are in Africa, India, Nepal, and Pakistan. The organization working to help is the International Centre for Birds of Prey.

The eggs are made to have the same weight, shape, and feel of the real thing. They are packed with sensors that send data regarding temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, carbon dioxide, light, and rotation. 

Researchers hope to use the information to help increase the numbers of these birds. The birds are valuable for the cleanup work they do in the environment.

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