MAY 31

Longboarding complaint. A group of 45 or more longboarders were reported on the hill at 45th Street west of St. Croix Trail. A deputy came upon a large group of kids and advised them that it was unsafe to be longboarding in that area and that they'd need to find another spot.


MAY 30

Animal concern. A possibly injured bald eagle was reported in a field on 40th Street just south of the fairgrounds. The bird flew away when it was approached.


MAY 29

Disturbance. A man complained that four other men threatened to beat him up after he spoke to them about swearing in front of kids at the swimming beach at Lake Elmo Park Reserve, 1515 Keats Av. The four men told a deputy looking into the incident that the man swore at them first. All parties were advised to leave one another alone.


MAY 29

Theft. Four tires that had been set outside a residence in the 10 block of Dellwood Cove for repair were reported missing. Public works employees indicated they did not pick them up.


MAY 28

Found property. A bowling ball, motorcycle tire and bass guitar were found in the pavilion at Walton Park, 1584 Hadley Av.

MAY 29

Animal complaint. A homeowner in the 2700 block of Hilo Avenue was issued a citation for three dogs barking nonstop at the residence. Two of the animals were inside the home, and one was in the yard.

Animal concern. An officer removed a snapping turtle from the road in the area of 47th Street and Granada Avenue. The turtle was relocated to a nearby swamp.

MAY 31

Criminal damage to property. Several homes, buildings, traffic signs and vehicles were spray-painted overnight in the area of Upper 26th Street and Stillwater Boulevard.

Theft. A parked, locked car was stolen off the street in the 7100 block of Upper 36th Street. Further investigation revealed the vehicle had been towed by the State Patrol after it crashed into a guardrail on Hwy. 5.


MAY 29

Traffic complaint. The Sheriff's Office received a report of a vehicle hauling machinery going 20 mph and backing up traffic for miles on Manning Avenue at Dellwood Road. By the time a deputy checked the area the situation had resolved itself.


MAY 29

E-mail hacked. A man in the 1000 block of Stagecoach Trail told authorities someone had gotten into his e-mail account and sent out spam e-mails to people on his contact list. He said he hadn't suffered any financial loss. He was advised to contact Yahoo.

MAY 30

Neighbor complaint. A homeowner in the 1000 block of Omaha Avenue suspected a neighbor of shooting arrows into their yard after finding one while mowing the lawn. A deputy checked neighbors on all sides of the home for an archery target but found none.


MAY 30

Neighbor complaint. A resident in the 400 block of Bristol Place reported that her yard floods when her neighbor drains their swimming pool. She said it has been an ongoing issue.



Suspicious activity. An officer caught a group of juveniles who had jumped the fence of a private swimming pool intent on swimming. All were cooperative when asked to leave.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.